Gasing Hill !!!

I went to Gasing Hill this morning...
Mad tired but fun !!! =)

First Time again!! LOL

Yesterday was my first time taking LRT alone to KL Central then change to KTM to Shah Alam alone..
you all might think that ..Ughh? Where is this lady from?? from a village ar? hahaha...
Hmm, and I came late to college in the morning too..>.<
I hate 8 am class!! Hate it...
I did set alarm to awake me..
Just that my hands were too efficient to stop it when it rang..=P
So yea..I'm late..err, not kinda late actually..
maybe just about 10 minutes?? haha..but..still consider late ok..>.<
And and..I need to bring my laptop along with me..and so do other stuff of mine..
I just feel like having practice on "Shaolin Kungfu" in that morning..So damn heavy!!! Oh gosh!!
Even some of my friends thought that I'm "zao lou-ing" LOL...
Anyways, I also have friend who saw me carrying such heavy bags and wanted to help me take my file..
So sweet of you!! ^^
And and..I spotted two hot guys is in college..and the other one is in LRT..LOL..
So "hiao" hor me....=P
Then when I arrive to Shah no people come and pick me up..sad me...=(
Ended up I need to take a cab back to the kindergarten of my mum...or not..I need to wait for 3 hours ler...
Oh kill me please....need to wait for so long in such "oven" place...some more no hot guys there also...LOL..
For such a short distance..the cab charged me RM5.50..haiz....who wants to be a taxi driver?? it's easy to earn money in that way..nah,just kidding..XD
Actually before that..I called my dad...I told him that I'm taking a cab back home..
then he asked me to sms the cab's car plate number to him..
Then, when I entered to the cab..the cab's driver asked me where I want to go..
OMG...that time i said section 17..LOL...he scratched his head...
I was thinking ..what is the address of that kindergarten already huh?? haha..
Both of us silence for awhile..
Then he asked: '' ohh, yang kat rumah kelompok tu ke?? "  then i said: "Ahh...yayaya!! ''
Luckily I heard before Rumah Kelompok this word when I was small..LOL..
Haiz..teruk me!!

p/s: I have a housemate..he said want to teman me to KL Central before that...Thanks alot!!..but I need to try to go back alone..Hehe..

On The Fourth Day of Chinese New Year ~ ~ 年初四。。

On The Fourth Day of Chinese New Year ~ ~ 年初四。。

My house party...hehe..Chinese New Year open house..
I did baked/make a dessert..
too bad got no time to take a picture of it...=(
But everybody praised my dessert ler..all still come and look for me after eating it..but too "limited stock" hahaha...
Okay, let's start with the pictures..=)

3 talented singers..see their face expression!! LOL..

Mahjong for the elders...hehe

"lou sang" session..=D

Me and my friends..=) thanks for coming!!

What else?? GAMBLE!!! LOL.. of my cousin brother..he will be going back to Shanghai right after the party..

My neighbour came to my house too..=)

My uncles and aunties..LOL

Sing-K session again!!! =)

Me...after busy cleaning the house right after the party..tired >.<

Hope you all enjoy with the pictures..=)

Goodnight peoples..


On The Third Day of Chinese New Year ~ ~ 年初三。。

On The Third Day of Chinese New Year ~ ~ 年初三。。

Nothing much actually...visiting visiting and visiting for day time..=)
At night got new year open house in my one of the uncle's house..
After the dinner, my cousin , my sister and I went for yumcha again..
just 3 of some girls Station 1 which is located at Bandar Puteri Puchong..
I ordered Hot Honey Milk~~ my first time trying it..tastes like the icing cream of the cake..LOL

Tadaa! the picture of my drink..haha

Me...zi lian-ing...LOL

Haiz..same pose only lar..haha

To be continued ~ ~ ~

On The Second Day of Chinese New Year ~ ~ 年初二 ~ ~

On The Second Day of Chinese New Year ~ ~ 年初二 ~ ~

BOOoooo!! my tired face!!! =P
this is at my uncle's house...hehe

After that, we headed to my grandmother's house..
She cooked super duper nice dishes for means all the relatives la..her anak's family..LOL
Got super big prawns!!! superb!!
And many other dishes...all nice nice one..hehe
After the dinner..we watched 72 tenants of prosperity ( 72 家房客 ...
24 of us go watched it together..haha..
overall for this movie is not bad lar...
lots of funny parts...=)

To be continued....

The First Day of Chinese New Year !!!

The First Day of Chinese New Year~ ~ 年初一

As usual..we had our 团圆饭 in the morning..all the dishes are vegetarian food..=)
After that, we will shoot some photographs at the compound of my house..
Later on...we will start visiting our relatives..hehe
okay, let's the pictures do the talking..=) sister is missing..haha, she is the one who took this picture..^^

Finally she is here..but my dad missing again..LOL
Haha..what's wrong with my brother?? =P

My brother with the grandfather..^^

Followed by my sister..=)

And my turn!! I'm the youngest..=D face expression..because I thought my dad wanted to take my picture..I posed nicely.. And he said he's taking a video..ended up to be like this..=P

Me and my us?? =D

A group picture of us with my my aunt's we look alike?? hehe

Haha..posing with my cousin sister's shades..I tends to smile with teeth..but they asked me not to...=(
ended up with this stupid face..LOL

Another picture smilling without showing the teeth..

But still..I prefer to smile with teeth..=D

This is night time..yumcha with my relatives at Old Town Coffee Shop..^^

To be continued.....


Ughhh!!! Why so lag one??
hmm..continue tomorrow then...=)

I'm Back!!! =)

Hola!!! I'm back!! How are you all?? got miss me?? =P hahaha...sorry that I've neglected my blog for more than a week...>.<
Was busy celebrating the Chinese New Year...and also need to blame my laziness...haa...
Alright, today I'm going to post about how I celebrate my Chinese New Year..=)
Let the pictures do the talking...=P
Quite many of them..hehe

During Chinese New Year Eve~~ having "团圆饭" at Restaurant Janbo..somewhere at Puchong..

This is the yee a must for all Chinese during CNY..=)

And here we go..."huat ar!!!"  hehe

A picture of me and my brother..^^ my grandfather..=)

picture with our relatives..hmm, me in this angle..not nice..=( see my cute..^^

My family..with my "kai ma" ..

Me busy eating..LOL

Hmm..after our meal..we went to the temple..=)
but didnt take any pictures at there..

To be continued....


Hmm...these few days will be super busy...busy for Chinese New Year..hehe
So, maybe will not be able to update my blog so frequent..SORRY!! =C
Most probably will update my blog right after the Chinese New Year ~ ~
Anyways, wish all the people over here have a properous new year...

My brother is BACK !!

Finally, my beloved brother is back from celebrate Chinese New Year with us..So happy !! hehe..
Actually I do have the intuition that my brother will be coming back..
I couldnt sleep well last night..keep thinking of my brother..HAHA..
Anyways, he did gave the most surprise for my parents and also my sister..for me?  definately I do..but not as much as they do..Especially my sister..she screamed when she saw him !! HAHA..and my mum..hugged my brother..her tears rolling dad? of course he was happy..but didnt show out how happy he is..but I know he's so happy..until speechless..
From yesterday..I kept telling my parents and so do my sister that I have the intuition that "gor gor" will be coming back tomorrow..they just dont believe to what I've told them..
And today..was proven that my intuition is so happy!!
Oh yea...I hugged him...feel so nice and warm..
And he did bought us necklace, perfumes, cosmetics all those and loads of chocolates!!!  THX BRO!! LOVE IT!! =)
It's been a year we didnt see each other..but we do contact each other via MSN and SKYPE..=)
And I have jobs again from my mum..that is..wash all my brother's clothes..and clean my house ( upstairs )..
Okay, goodnight peoples!! have a sweet dream!! ^^

Picture Time !!

As I promised that I will post up the pictures of the lollipop and the little Samuel in the previous post..I will post it now..
Let's the pictures do the talk..=)

Here is the lollipop..with Minnie Mouse..^^

Me happily pose with the lollipop..act cute..>.<

Here is the little's hard to take picture of a kids properly..
but he's cute anyway..^^

Another picture of little Samuel..=)

This is a 6 years old boy..he's handsome
BUT naughty!! hehe

A picture of my mummy and my doggie..
When my mummy is busying doggie is also busying..>.<

You see..^^


My doggie: Is there any food on the table?? Let me have a look first..LOL

This happens everyday when it nears her dinner time..
( p/s: Actually I have 3 doggies..not only this just that this doggie is too cute..will try to post up their  pictures in other time..^^ )

Oh yea..I've changed my blog skin..but kinda weird...look at the time , music player and the chat box..dont really know how to fix it.
Thanks to Nick Niew for giving me the website and guide me abit..haha..
But it's really weird that my previous blogskin is underneath the new one..>.<


Thank you !! =)

I need to specially say Thank You to one person here..
Because he came and fetch me from Puchong to Wangsa Maju to a friend's house to have a steamboat party..and send me back to Puchong after the party..or else I dont have transport to there..
Besides, he still treat me for that meal..>.<..
Paiseh lor..should be I'm the one who treat you back ..
Anyways, the steamboat party was nice..=)
And I want to say thank you to that person..hehe..(you know who you are )
Next time I treat you lollipop again..=P


Today, I did the laundry..
Got maid = No maid..
Cant blame...because..haiz..lazy to talk about it..
First time ironed loads of clothes..Hahaha..I really cham big already only get started to work on these things..
Hmm, quite enjoyable..haha
At least I learnt how to iron the clothes properly..I mean better than last time..
But definately not so pro yet lar..haha..
Tonight thought of going out with family to buy somethings..
But too bad, it's already too we were all super tired..!!
Hmm, perhaps this coming weekdays will go again..
Because those things is a  MUST HAVE during Chinese New Year...=) I went to the kinderdarten to help my mum again..
Besides, I also need to visit the orthodontist..
I met the cutie Samuel again..=)
Today only I know that he loves stars so much..
And today I wore a T-shirt which have a big stars in the center...
So, he saw it and you know where his hands go..haha..>.< keep saying: " stars!! stars!! "
Today I taught him numbers..believe or not..a 2 and the half year old baby can recognise the numbers from 1-10..and he's still wearing a diapers..haha
When I'm teaching him the numbers there are some pictures on that page..
So, for example, the picture was a  ball..I asked him: "What is this? He answered me: " Ball Ball!! " cute!! So, this time the picture was a cat..I asked again: "What is this??" You know what he answered me?? hahaha..He answered me: " MIAO!! " hahaha..mad cute!! ^^
About 10 dad come and take me to the orthodontist..
I already changed the coloured band into the turquoise colour..=)
And at night..we had dinner together with the teachers..=)
The food was superb!!
OMG..Anne is getting sick..sore-throat and flu is on the way..GO AWAY!! GO AWAY!!..=(

And here is a picture of me with the turquoise coloured band on my braces..^^
( p/s: ignore my messy hair and my eyebags are getting worse..T.T )
Here is a picture of the posture of my doggie while she's sleeping..hahaha
Focus on her legs..LOL..

And here is my picture of my "senget" head..hahaha
That time have not put on my braces yet..

Today I ate a big lollipop from my "kai ma"..
I do take some pictures of the lollipop..
But too bad..cannot be able to upload them now..=(
Will upload later okay?? =)
Just now it rains heavily at my thunder some scares me..T.T
Only my grandpa and me at home..that time my grandpa was sleeping..
Tomorrow I'm going to visit my orthodontist again..
Need to change the coloured rubber band again..
Any suggestion on what colour should I change this time??
I've tried on light purple ( but this one will change its colour very fast especially after eating curry ) , aquamarine, and currently I'm wearing the pink one..
So so so?? haiz...