Franklin is back from New York!!!

Franklin is back to Malaysia from New York!!! come and visit me at KL ok??
No more going to Shah Alam for me..=( seldom go there already..
So, the best solution is come KL and look for me...then we can go shopping ke..yumcha ke..anything lar..hehe
Miss the moments that we took mini bus back home together last time..=)
Enjoy your days in Malaysia!!!

2nd Semester Examination Time-Table is out!!!!

2nd Semester Examination Time-Table is out!!!!
Actually I want copy and paste it here like one of my college mate did in his blog.
But i've tried many doen't work...=( why ya??
If you people over there know why is it please ENLIGHTEN me!! Thx..
So I can only paste the link over here..
I need to start with my studies revisions now...Haiz..Boring..=(
But this link requires to log in to view the troblesome...
If you are not a Tarcian..definately you wont have any username and password to log in to this intranet larh..haha
Anyway, I'll try my best to find out what's the matter behind...=)
or you can click on this link to view my college mate's blog...
Sorry for not informing Mr Dream that i'm using the contents in your blog over here..>.<
That's all..=)
Happy Studying....

what a "good" day!!!!!

first, woke up late and missed a lecture...
second, i dunno what the heck wrong with my stupid handphone and i'm going to throw it away! only for emergency call ALL THE TIME!!!
third, received the items that we purchased via online but ended up with THOSE ARE NOT OUR ITEMS THAT WE ORDERED !
fourth, when i reached the college, the straps on my sandals came out..DAMN SHIT!!!
fifth, failed my stupid ITS test!
sixth, my sister cannot come and fetch me for some reasons so ended up I need to take a cab..mana tahu the cab kena bang by other car..=.=
seventh, this should put it the first because it happened on yesterday..the streamyx modem ''bakar'' already!!
What a ''good good'' day!!!.....maybe the ''good'' luck have not end yet...=.= you'll see....

Cake Cake!! =)

Just found my long lost recipe book...
And decided to bake a cake..
Actually cant say bake steam...lolz
The name of the cake is caramel cake..
And it is very successful..actually is my own thought...i dont know how others think..haha
This recipe was given by my Maths teacher during form 5 ..
not bad lor...i mean the cake..hahaha..
Actually steamed cake can also consider kuih lor ..
If it is in a smaller cupcakes...=)
like those malay's hawker sell one...hehe


Then on the next day,
I'm going Kampar for a wedding dinner with my family...
Before going, we had our lunch first at Bdr Puteri before our journey to Ipoh.
On the way, it rained heavily...
pity my daddy need to drive us there...
For us, it is a nice weather to sleep..wakaka..=p
My daddy drive us to his kampung ---> Tapah ..hehe
And he kept telling us what he did last time when he was a kid..
Hahah, quite interesting!! =)
Then, we went to the Kampar Hotel which is near the UTAR there to meet our relatives..
They arrived earlier than us..and all of them were overnighting there...
except for our family..because my daddy got something to do on the next day..
And my sister also need to go out tomorrow..
So , no choice...we can't stay..=(
Then, we went for the wedding dinner at a restaurant named TAI CHONG , some where in Kampar..
The food was nice!!!!!! The air- conditioner over there is cold like hell...=.=
Finally, we need to say bye bye to our relatives..

Movie Time..=)

On the next day which is last Friday, my friends invited me to go for a movie at One Utama. Haha, One Utama again...

Actually at first i got no transport to go there

but one of my kind-hearted, handsome, cute, caring friend said that he can become my driver of the day that means fetch me there and send me home. So nice of him..

Happy leh..I'm praising you leh

Haha.. =p

Both of us arrived first so he queued up to purchase for the tickets first.

Finally, they arrived...the movie will starts at 4.30pm

So, we went for ''mum mum'' at Sushi Zenmai.

I ordered a set of sushi. It is quite filling ..
Then, we watched this movie..

This movie very nice some touching scene..hehe

The story is quite long also. About 2 and the half hours if i'm not mistaken. =)

Later on, we went for dinner at Gardens.

Hmm, the environment is not bad ..

got garden feel..

some more got pianist playing on the piano.

But the food, okok only lor..i ordered sandwiches set..

Then we ordered 3 types of flower tea in pot..

Got lavender, blueberry and one more i forgot what is the name already..haha

I eat damn slow because of my braces ..

Feel so sorry to let them wait for me to finish up the food..>.<

Finally, is time to go back home..

Actuaaly I want to pay for the parking fees but my kind friend said next time only my turn to pay for it..Haiz...

Thank you , Thank you so much ya.....=)

You make me owe you one more meal already >.<

But i can only afford mamak ..or Mc D LUNCH TIME VALUE...

haha, just can order anything as long as not too expensive..

hehe.. =p

Happy Birthday to Ah Gong!! =)

Last Thursday, my sister and I went back to celebrate my Ah Gong's birthday. We took LRT to Kelana Jaya LRT station to wait for our parents to fetch us to One Utama. Our whole family went to one of the restaurant which is located in one utama to celebrate with him. Actually this restaurant was doing a promotion during the Mid-Autumn Festival. They told us that if you buy one box of the mooncakes then you will get discounts on their RM 999++ dinner set. The discounts is given according to the person's age and must eat the dinner set on the birthday, cannot be other day earlier or later. I think is like that la if i'm not mistaken. Hmm, but the dinner set ar...not nice lorh!! serious!! but there are many people dining in their restaurant. So we all think that maybe only the dinner set not nice other food may be nice..Because first time i heard this restaurant got serve dinner set like those Chinese people's wedding dishes. Maybe they are not pro enough for seving these kind of dishes.


Just now had my dinner with my sister and friends. On the way to the restaurant, we saw a lorry "accidentally'' langgar the kitty..I know the driver is not purposely langgar on it larh.. but still i want to say STUPID DRIVER!!!


Finally the busiest week is over...and finally i experienced that what people usually says '' busy until no time to eat and go to the toilet" HAHA...a new experience for me..During this busiest week, i can only go to bed at 3 something to 4 AM!!! Finally finally it's over!!!! Next week also quite busy..need to submit 2 assignments and 1 test. But of course not as busy as this week..just visited my orthodontist to tighten my braces. Damn pain weyh!!! Haiz ...what to do...just hope that the 2 and the half year can pass quickly...

I'm a such a failure!!!!

Stupid stupid stupid IST assignment!!!! Do you know that I hate you so damn much? Almost one whole day i sat infront of the laptop to do this stupid assignment but still haven't finish doing it!! Haiz... Then I think of playing piano to reduce some of my STRESS but ended up with sat infront of the piano and dont know what song to play =.= I'm such a failure dowh...I've learnt piano for almost 12 years!! OMG !!! Come on peoples..12 years leh not 12 months!!! Can't believe it...The total piano fees that my parents paid for me is approximately 20k or even more than that. But end up with what? dont know what song to play. What i mean is totally dont know what song to play lorh. Haiz..that's prove that I'm a failure. Tomorrow will be my ME test and IOM presentation. "ME" another dying subject for tomorrow...

IST ar IST....

It's almost 3 a.m now but I'm still rushing for the stupid IST assignment. Damn, sleep really late for this month causes my dark eyes circle appearing more obvious. Even the concealer cant really help me to cover it. End up with asking by my friends: " wah!! Anne, you never sleep ar yesterday?"haha.. This is what we called COLLEGE LIFE...=.=


Today i'm done with my ENG presentation and also the IST test. Overall for the presentation my tutor commented was not too bad but i did not realize that i did a mistake i said a wrong word when i'm answering the question. T.T kind of embarrass when the tutor mentioned about my mistakes. But at least better than the IST test. The IST test i did badly, I dont know how to answer the questions. I think I will fail terribly. The most important thing is IT'S OVER!!! hahaha. I still have 2 presentations and 1 test within this week. Haiz... more and more to come then FINAL!!! OMG..why the time passes so fast? It's just like I'm just started my sem 2 yesterday then now already WEEK 10 then final is on WEEK 14..Haiz...

Busy Busy & Busy !!!!!!!

Argh!!! Next week will be a busiest week for me because I'm going to have 3 presentations ( ENG presentation, IOM presentation and FOA presentation ). Besides that, I'm also having 2 coursework test ( ITS and ME ) on next week. Plus today and tomorrow I need to prepare and attend for my beloved cousin sister's wedding. How am I going to manage my time to practise for my presentations and also revision for that 2 tests??? I really don't understand what the lecturer taught us during the lectures. I'm dying larr....please pray hard that I can die peacefully..SWT!!!!