I'm very sorry about what had happened yesterday..maybe I was being too aggressive ..
I didnt really mean to harm or hurt that person la..>.<
I shouldn't angry at you..
No matter what..I still treat you as a friend..
If you dont treat me as friend also never mind..
I cant change your thoughts..
But sometimes your words are really ... hmm...
Okay..let's talk about today..
Cleaned our house because Chinese New Year is coming soon..I believes that every Chinese is doing that..=)
Actually nothing much ..just kinda tired...=(
Tomorrow only my grandpa and me will be at home for parents and my sister will be coming back at night..
I have tasks to be done by tomorrow..
1) help my mum to do her stuff.
2) need to wash my parents, my sister and my new year clothes..quite many of them..T.T
3) time to do my piano theory month didnt touch those already..I have to do 8 sets of past year questions..need to pass up on Saturday.
4) need to call the dentist and change my appointment time.

That's all..
Thanks for reading..=)


I dont need to depends on you!!
I dont need you to treat me good!!
 I dont need you to scold me!!
I dont need to listen to what you said!!
Because you are NOBODY to me!!!
Why am I need to listen to what you said???
 You are just a NORMAL friend to me!! 
I dont care whether you have what relation with my family members!!
You have no right to scold me!!
 Is not worth for me to treat you as a friend!!
Friend?? Telling others about my bad things is called FRIEND?? WTF is this!!!
You said you feel like want to slap and whack me rite?? Go ahead if you DARE!!
You know what? I tell you now..I feel like KILLING you!!!!!!!!!
Do you know that you hurt me so much without realising it?? I bet you dont know about it!!
Because you are living in your own world!!
I WONT DEPENDS ON YOU ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
 YOU STUPID ARSE-HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s: not i want to use these harsh I really cant stand it anymore!!!


Hmm, went to Low Yat to sing-k right after my final paper with Weng Hong and Foo. Actually Leon and Kristina were supposed to join us too. Unfortunately, they are not feeling well..=(
So, I tagged Foo along with me to be my road directory..because I dont know the way to there..=P
Yes! I'm stupid..=(
So, when we reached there the workers lead us the way to the karaoke room..
At first, three of us were so shy to be the first one to sing..So yea, Foo sang first..followed by Weng Hong then..
Clumsy me accidentally poured Weng Hong's drinks with dont know which part of my body..>.< I really dont know...sorry sorry...
I think I need to diet already..>.<
After singing, we decided to watch a movie in Times Square..
We were so lucky that the movie time started just right after we bought the tickets..=)

We watched "THE SPY NEXT DOOR"
Hmm, overall for this movie is not bad..quite funny..^^
Later on, it's time for dinner..
We went to "SEK TOU" Restaurant which recommended by Weng Hong..
The taste of the food was okay...but the price is kind of expensive..
Maybe i ordered the expensive one..haha
After our dinner, we went for "shopping"..
Can say as  "window shopping" ..
Then later on, we went back..
That's all..
Thanks to them to accompany me on that day..
I enjoyed it..=)


Then, on the next day after the outing..actually my sister and I planned to go back to Shah Alam in the morning..
Then my sister thought of buying a high heels..
Foo decided Sing-k again..because he forgot to sing some song on that day..=.=
And yea, my sister and both of us went to Times Square again..
But this time was not lucky enough as both RedBox and GreenBox were fully booked..=(
So, not going to sing-k..and decided to watch a movie..but also not lucky as that day..need to wait for 2 hours to for that movie..
So, Foo decided to eat "guai ling gou" at "gong wo tong"..
It's not cheap cost RM 8 per bowl..>.<
We went back after eating..=)
My sister and I took a rest first before going back to Shah Alam..
Then we took a cab to Tmn. Melati LRT station..
We bought tickets to KL Central to take KTM back to Shah Alam..
When we reached the KL central..whoa!! damn lot of people leh...>.<
We cant even squeeze ourself in to that train..
So, forced to wait for the next batch..
Finally, reached Shah Alam..the air-conditioner in that train was so cold..can freeze leh..
Our parents came and pick us up at the Shah Alam KTM station..
After 3 weeks..finally can see my parents , my grandpa and also my 3 darlings..
We went to eat "Yong Tau Foo"..It is quite famous at Puchong..
NICE!! =)

The end of my story today..
Thx for reading..=)


I dont know what to do...
I dont know what to do...
I dont know what to do....

I cannot control myself !!


feelings towards .....

( take a wild guess ) ;)

Stars..星星 ^ ^ I will try to use Mandarin to blog ..just give me a try okay? or not next time I really dont know how to use Mandarin already..
It is because..after my primary school life..I didnt continue my studies to a chinese school..or a malay school with additional subject of Mandarin Language..
Hmm, why my school dont provide this subject?
The reason is there are too few of Chinese students in that school..
I remembered if i'm not mistaken there are only 6 Chinese students in my form that time..imagine that?? hmm...okay okay.. i will start with my Mandarin "tutorial" now...haha


刚才因为没事做也不想温习我那读了也等于没读的 ITS ,结果就到了露台看星星。我还蛮喜欢看星星的咧,就觉得在那黑茫茫的天空又有一闪一闪的星星很漂亮。
(pls: 不要误会哦,我可没想过要做傻事的哦 >.< )
毕竟 TARC 有很多人才,而且很多都是有拿奖学金的咧。个个成绩都很好。
我希望我能做得到,我想你们也应该会支持我吧 =)
希望我可以维持这个心态而不是三分钟热度哦。嘻嘻~ ~

(p/s: sorry for those who are cant able to read chinese, because I want to  try something new this time)

Exam !!!

Finally tomorrow is the first day of my exam...

Tomorrow's exam is the English For Communication...

2 hours paper..but have many questions need to complete in that 2 hours..

I afraid that won't have enough time for me to complete them..>.<

Never mind, I'll try my best..=)

Oh ya, today supposed to follow my sister and friends to Connaught for dinner..the longest night market in Malaysia..

But too bad..I didn't go with them..because no mood to join them..

Why no mood?? sure la..tomorrow is my exam ler..where got mood to go enjoy?? =.=

So, I asked my sister to buy me some food from there..=)

And she bought me this..

is the cartoon shaped pancake..=)


Okay..good luck to those who are having their exams tomorrow..!!



Hmm...there is something just disturbing my mind..
make me cannot pay full concentration on my studies...
It is about...erm, should i blog about it??
or should I even create another private blog to blog about my feelings towards someone?
Because I'm the one who don't know how to express my feelings properly.
Seriously, I'm the one who is like that...
Yes. To those who know me they will think this is wierd as I always talked alot...but all those are nonsense...Haiz...

Besides, there is other thing frustrates me that is my piano lesson.
There are exams that falls on Saturday and usually I'll have my piano lessons on that day.
So now, i canceled the lessons in January and will starts back on February.
This matter frustrates me though as my piano theory exam is falls on March.
Seems like not enough time for me to complete the lessons before getting in to the exam hall on March...
Furthermore, I still need to decides whether I can able to have my piano practical exam on July ...I need to give the reply to my piano teacher by this weekend...
Haiyoo...I hate to make decisions lar !!!

Happy New Year !!!

I know it is a bit late for me to wish here..haha..but who cares?? =p
I'm kinda busy with my final examinations that falls on next week..
Haiz..exam again...
Btw, how did you guys celebrate your New Year's Eve/ New Year??
Hmm, I celebrated it at my sister's bf house...
We had a steamboat party..of course not only three of us..there are some other new friends that i met on that day..nice to meet you all.. =)
On the next day, we went to eat ''Bak Kut Teh'' at Klang..not bad..=)
Later on, we went to Ulu Yam. There is a hotspring over there..
Anyways, those picture taken on that day is not with me right i cant upload it here...sorry..
That is how i celebrated my New was yours??
Haiz..I dont know what happened to me nowadays...always not in the good mood..and always feels tired...=(
maybe because of the exam or other things?? I also dont know..
Just feels like the world is so dull ..not colourful like last time anymore..why ya?
I need to be that I'll have the mood to study..
can anyone make me happy??
Haiz..I know...
No one is going to care about me...=(
It's a sad thing...
Hmm..forget about what i said just now..
new year new resolution??
what is mine?? Haven't figure it out yet..
  • get good results? haha..
  • lead a happy life? hope so...
  • get a bf?? =.=
  • study smarter?
  • concentrate during the lecture?
I also dont know what am I typing..
kinda lame hor me....haiz