Stupid couple!

I'm going to talk about this stupid couple...
Today when I was about to show my resident pass to the lady guard infront of my condominium before entering ... I took out my card holder when I was still walking and I feel like something drop out from that holder...
Then I turned back to look's kinda dark with dim light...I saw 2 cards on the road...I dont know whether is that those advertisement card that you can easily found on the road or my cards so I walked over and have a look.
By that time I turned back and look at the road...there was a couple...that guy saw me looking at the road...then he was like saw something valuable and trying to step on it and keep it to himself..
what the TOOT!
btw, I still dont know what card is that yet until I go nearer... It's my Touch n Go card....>.<
Both of them was like hiding the card with their legs ...Damn it!
I quickly took it away and said : "'s mine! ''  then I walked away....
( p/s: I'm so scare at the moment as I dont know what they will do to me...they might just take the card instead and say it's theirs... >.< ) 
 I just reload my card only that day..and the other card which i dropped was my resident pass..both are so important! 
Haiz....lucky? unlucky ?


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