Good Luck !

Good Luck to all my beloved friends...!!
Actually I got many things can post it here....
I wanted to post about my outings with friends and all those...
But currently I'm having my final examinations on next week...which makes me dont have the mood to update my blog...
Always when come to the exam period, I will feel very very very MOODY.... =.=
I'll be stress out all the time during this period....
So, when I'm stress I dont even feel like studying at all....
This is very very not good....>.<
And during this period, I'll be more sensitive..
Sorry to those who I hurt them recently....=(
Well, and I think alot during this time..@@
To those particular people: I think your point of view regarding to "♥" this matter is very very different from me....@@
You makes me feel like you treat ♥ this thing like a very simple and casual thing...
You want it this moment ..but you can abandon it at the next second...
I'm very serious with this if you are not serious with it..please get off !
I dont think you are sincere enough...that's all I can say....
And I really really hate those people who likes to play with others feeling....!
Dont make me to hate will not be forever but ... you know....
I hate the feeling being alone in a room facing the LCD screen doing nothing while others are struggling to success in their exam...
I feel like I'm like a useless person at this moment!
I dont even know what is my future is going to be while others knew it from earlier....
I'm just following the flow....without knowing what I want to be in the future...
next year I'll be a 20 years old...
So, future this thing seems very near to my peers but not for me.....
I really feel like giving up to all these....but I know I cant...
Who really knows me well? even ME not understand myself....
I think I need to consult a counsellor....else I'll really get mad soon....
I cant really think alot when I'm alone....
*A big Sighhhhhhhhhh*

What day is today? LOL!

Yesterday was a embarrasing day for me.... omg..... * shy shy*
The story was like that...I thought my tutorial class is at 11.30am..
So I decided to take a cab to college since it's already 11.25am..
Then there was another guy taking the same cab with me...because he's also heading to the college...
I got one habit that is once I enter the cab/bus I'll prepare the money to pay
So when I was taking out my money the coins "jatuh" everywhere on the carpet of the cab...
That guy who was sitting beside me helped me to pick up those coins...but I found out a 10 cents coin "hilang" I kept searching for it...that guy also searching the coin for me...
At that time...I dropped those coins she picked up for me again... :S hahahahaha... damn paiseh weyh...
He picked it up again for basically we were busying picking up those coins along the journey to the college...LOL!
Then then...finally reached the college...
When I was getting out the cab... I knocked my head and yelled out : "Aiyakkkk! " Hahahahahha... paiseh ehhh... ><
I wonder how that guy think of me...must be thinking something like...yerrr....why this girl so careless one....LOL!

Stupid couple!

I'm going to talk about this stupid couple...
Today when I was about to show my resident pass to the lady guard infront of my condominium before entering ... I took out my card holder when I was still walking and I feel like something drop out from that holder...
Then I turned back to look's kinda dark with dim light...I saw 2 cards on the road...I dont know whether is that those advertisement card that you can easily found on the road or my cards so I walked over and have a look.
By that time I turned back and look at the road...there was a couple...that guy saw me looking at the road...then he was like saw something valuable and trying to step on it and keep it to himself..
what the TOOT!
btw, I still dont know what card is that yet until I go nearer... It's my Touch n Go card....>.<
Both of them was like hiding the card with their legs ...Damn it!
I quickly took it away and said : "'s mine! ''  then I walked away....
( p/s: I'm so scare at the moment as I dont know what they will do to me...they might just take the card instead and say it's theirs... >.< ) 
 I just reload my card only that day..and the other card which i dropped was my resident pass..both are so important! 
Haiz....lucky? unlucky ?
Currently in love with this song " Cries in the Distance" by JJ Lin.
It's actually not a new song.. =)

Come on let's sing together!   Hehe..

Cries in a distance
Can't stop the tremble
I'm just awaiting my turn

Hiding will never
Save me forever
The guns gonna get me for sure

Dear God I pray why won't you be my friend
Come to me and take my hand
Like mama would say
Everything will be okay


All I hear is three two one
The scream from the guns
And then one by one
No one gets to run
Someones dad or mom
Sister, brother and son
No... no...

All I feel is one two three
My tears start to bleed
Smell of roses on my feet
I feel sore
I fall
I call
I crawl

Cries in a distance
Can't stop the tremble
I'm just awaiting my turn

Hiding will never
Save me forever
The guns gonna get me for sure

Dear God I pray why won't you be my friend
Come to me and take my hand
Like mama would say
Everything will be okay

Repeat [*] x2

I feel sore
I fall
I call
I crawl

---THE END---

Feelings ....

How do you feel if someone who addressed themselves as your besties but their attitude towards you are the other way round?  *disappointed* seriously........


Please..........dont give me fake hope! Because even if I knew it is going to be fake but I will still choose to believe you. And do you know how cruel is that to me?  by waiting for something which is probably not going to come true ?  Think for yourself before you saying any word to me! And of frank to you and me as well.